OLR Catholic School Council Elections 2023-2024

Greetings to all  OLR Parents and Guardians!

This is Mr. W. H. Kwon, principal of Our Lady of the Rosary CES, with an important message about the Catholic School Council online election process for 2023-2024.


As a parent/guardian of a child at this school, you are eligible to self-nominate or nominate another parent/guardian of a child at this school to be a voting member of the Catholic School Council.  Please find attached an electronic copy of the nomination form. Hard copies of the Catholic School Council nomination form are also available from the school’s main office. Please ensure that all completed nomination forms are submitted to the school by 3:20 pm on Monday, September 25, 2023. Please be sure to also fill out the short biography section of the nomination form.

Alternatively, OLR parents can self-nominate or nominate another parent of a student who attends the school by completing the following electronic Catholic School Nomination Google Form:



Parents may access information on each candidate by visiting the school website on Wednesday, September 27, 2023 at https://olr.ycdsb.ca/csc/. If necessary, elections will take place on Friday, September 29, 2023, and all votes must be submitted by 3:20 pm.  Each parent or guardian of a child at this school is asked to submit only one vote for Catholic School Council candidates.  Election results will be posted on the school website by Monday, October 2, 2023. Please see the attached communication for specifics on the nomination and elections process for this year’s Catholic School Council at Our Lady of the Rosary CES, as well as, the actual Catholic School Council Nomination form.

Catholic School Council - Nomination Form-2
OLR Catholic School Council Nomination and Election Process 2023 2024

Biographies for Prospective OLR Catholic School Council Parent Voting Members for 2023-2024:

  1.  Jessica Cutrone : My name is Jessica Cutrone and I have been a member of the OLR community for 14 years. I have spent many years volunteering for various events and have spent the last 5 as an active council member. I currently hold the position of Chair and could like to continue in that role this upcoming year. I have had two sons graduate from OLR and currently have three daughters in grades 1,3&5. I am committed to the future of OLR and all its students and will do my best to help make our school an even better place for our kids.

2. Marco Cariati: Marco, a devoted father of two daughters, is on a mission to improve their school and create a positive impact. His goal is to make their school a better place for all students.

3. Geoffrey Paterson: I have been a member of the OLR CSC for the past two years, and would like to continue with supporting the OLR community as a member for the 2023-2024 school year. As a parent in the OLR community, I have a keen interest in our children’s education, individual growth, and overall well-being as they continue beyond the impact of the COVID pandemic. As a member of the OLR CSC, I would like to promote and contribute towards the future academic and extra-curricular successes of our school.

4. Elizabeth O: As a member of the OLR CSC for the past seven years, I have served in various capacities, most recently, as Secretary for the past two years. I enjoy being an active parent in our school community and look forward to continuing to work together to enhance our children’s experience at OLR.

5. Fatima Monge: Hello, my name is Fatima Monge, my child Nickolas is attending FDJK at OLR and I, was a previous student at the school, graduation year 1994 and attended St. Elizabeth CHS, graduation year 1999. I have also lived in the Glen Shields community since 1990. This will be the first time I will be involved and am extremely interested and excited to be joining the school council. I missed my chance at becoming an official council member at my son’s day care however I did attend the annual council meetings and seminars to keep up to date. I found the meetings highly informative, and I wish to be more officially involved throughout the years and hopefully make a positive contribution. I believe that as a parent of a child attending the school, participation in the school council is important to support my child and all children’s leaning experience and well being. I also hope to advocate for the children and the school in any way such as funding issues and planning special events. I hope that I may contribute my skills and partner with Principal Kwon, teachers and parents to achieve all our goals for this year. Thank you for considering my self nomination; I look forward to meeting you all at the first council meeting. Kindly, Fatima Monge
6. Nikisha Hassanali: My two children are now at OLR and so I would like to dedicate some of my time to helping make their experience and growth at OLR the best it can be. We are a mixed family. I’m Trinidadian, my husband is Canadian Italian and we believe in having the kids well-rounded. And so, whatever we can do to help the children become more well-rounded, we’re here to serve.
7. Amanda Luchetta: Hello! I’m Amanda Luchetta, proud parent of my son currently attending OLR in SK. I thought this would be a great opportunity to join the council, as I believe any parent involvement is a huge factor in the contribution to a child’s success in school. With a background in Event Planning, I believe that will be an asset and a positive addition to the council. Let’s make this academic year a safe, fun and invigorating year for our OLR students to remember!


Thank you for your continued support of our students at Our Lady of the Rosary CES.




W. H Kwon