Bus Transportation and School Safety Reminders

Attention OLR Parents and Guardians:

To continue the school year with all students’ safety at the forefront, we need to ask for your increased vigilance with all of our surrounding roads. We ask for your additional attention to the safety of our students, specifically in the areas in front of our school We need everyone’s help to work for the safety of all of our children. The children’s safety is a concern to all of us. The expectation is that drivers will respond to traffic signs and they will be cautious when approaching the school area. As parents, it is reasonable to expect a safe “drop-off” zone for the children. Hence the question: “Where can I stop in order to offload my children?” At OLR, parents are expected to drop off Their children on Glen Shields Ave. The city of Vaughan has placed signs directing parents that the area is a no-parking zone between 8-9:30 am and 3-4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Please remember not to block any driveways and do not park too close to the school driveways. Buses need additional space to turn safely without striking the front or back end of a stopped/parked car. U-turns are prohibited and would create a danger in any school area. As a gentle reminder, please ensure the safety of children by having them wear seatbelts correctly, at all times. Parents dropping off or picking up students are reminded that they are NOT to enter the driveway after 8:20 am and 3 pm, as we are preparing for student arrival and dismissal. The bus loop is easily distinguishable, as it has been marked with clear signage at each end. Please do NOT park here, as this area is for the students to safely disembark from the bus. Thanks for your time and assistance in creating a safe school.

In terms of students who are eligible to use bus transportation, parents/guardians are encouraged to visit https://bp.schoolbuscity.com/TransportationEligibility to verify and confirm their child’s bus stop location, bus route # in the morning and in the afternoon and the pickup and drop off time at the designated bus stop.

Please note that any service disruptions, including route delays, will be posted daily to the https://bp.schoolbuscity.com/Alerts. Parents/guardians and students are encouraged to review the late bus report prior to leaving for the bus stop in the morning and in the afternoon.

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Parents/guardians should ensure their child/children’s safety and conduct while walking to, from and waiting at the designated bus stop.
  • Parents/guardians should understand the need to make alternative arrangements for their child/children if the school bus is late.
  • Parents/guardians should make alternate arrangements for their children if they are unable to meet them at a bus stop. To help ensure student safety, Student Transportation Services recommends that students in Grades JK-1 are met at their bus stop by a parent/guardian, and age appropriate arrangements made for all other grades.
  • Parents/guardians should arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the regularly scheduled pick-up and drop-off times (10 minutes during the first week of school).
  • Parents/guardians should know their children’s bus route number.
  • Parents/guardians should know their children’s bus stop location.
  • Parents/guardians should know the school and bus company’s phone numbers in the event of an emergency.
  • Parents/gurdians are reminded to refer to the Late Bus Report on the Student Transportation Services website at www.schoolbuscity.com prior to leaving for the bus stop in the mornings and afternoons.