Welcome to Kindergarten at Our Lady of the Rosary CES

Dear Families of JK/SK students who are new to OLR:

Due to the current closure of all YCDSB schools, OLR’s combined face-to-face Welcome to Kindergarten event and First Impressions conferences  have been postponed. However, these First Impression meetings are currently being scheduled and will be taking place using secure virtual means.

Should you have a scheduled “First Impressions” virtual meeting date already with members of our Kindergarten teams, please click on this following link to learn more about how to join the Google Meet “First Impressions” meeting online.


Please click on the link to view the updated 2020-2021 Google Slide deck presentation for “Welcome to Kindergarten” that our wonderful and dedicated Kindergarten educator teams have prepared for all families with children who will be entering JK or SK.

This comprehensive presentation contains all of the necessary information to facilitate a smooth transition into the Full Day Kindergarten program at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Elementary School. It includes important information about the Full Day Kindergarten program and Before and After school programs, highlights school procedures, routines and schedules, and provides an introduction to our Kindergarten educator teams, consisting of a JK/SK teacher and an Early Childhood Educator, as well as, other teaching staff who will play an instrumental part in your child’s education.  Families can also take a virtual tour of the Kindergarten classrooms and shared learning spaces in the school.

2020-2021 OLR Welcome to Kindergarten Presentation Google Slide Deck

OLR Welcome to Kindergarten slideshow

2020-2021 OLR Welcome to Kindergarten Presentation with Voice Over Narration


Kindergarten Registration Update:

Parents/guardians have the option of completing the Kindergarten registration online.  Both the paper and online Kindergarten registration form can be accessed from the board’s website at www.ycdsb.ca/admissions

We look forward to welcoming your child into our school and encourage you to invite your neighbours and friends who live within our school’s boundaries to begin the registration process.

Parents of preschool age children who are eligible to start school this year and who have special needs are encouraged to contact the school via email (olr@ycdsb.ca) as soon as possible so that we can have the proper supports in place for your child as of September 2020.

Resources for families of incoming JK/SK students new to OLR include:

  1. YCDSB Getting Ready for Kindergarten Booklet and Brochure.
  2. OLR Going to Kindergarten Booklet for 2020-2021

ycdsb getting ready for kindergarten booklet

ycdsb getting ready for kindergarten brochure

OLR Student Booklet – Welcome To Kindergarten